1st Cavalry Division
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On 15 October 1957, In Ceremonies Held In TongGu, Korea, The Colors Of The
24th Infantry Division Were Retired and The Colors Of The 1st Cavalry Division
Were Passed To The Commanding General Of The Former 24th Infantry Division,
Major General Ralph W. Zwicker.
"The First Team"
Had Returned
Standing Ready
To Defend Korean Against Communist Aggression
Wm. Harry Boudreau
Historian, 1st Cav Div
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DMZ Police Company
HQ 1st Cav Div
2nd Brigade
2nd BG 4th Cav
2nd BN 19th Arty
8th Eng BN
13th Signal Co
1st SQDN 5th Cav
2nd BN 20th Artillery
15th Admin Co
2nd SQDN 5th Cav
1st BN 21st Arty
1st BN 7th Cav
5th BN 31st Arty
2nd BN 7th Cav
5th BN 82nd Arty
1st BN 8th Cav
1st BN 15th Armor
1st Cav Division Camp Map
2nd BN 15th Armor
2nd BN 8th Cav
15th Aviation BN
3rd BN 40th Armor
1st Recon SQDN 9th Cav
15th S&T BN
Recreation Center #1
15th Med BN
1st BN 12th Cav
Recreation Center #3
15th QM Co
2nd BG 12th Cav
Recreation Center #4
23rd Trans BN
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