8th Army Units
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Units That Wore The 8th Army Patch
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Joint Security Force
187th Abn RCT
Air Defence Command
5th RCT
30th AAA AW Bn (Smbl)
Finance And Accounting Office
555th FAB
50th AAA AW Bn (SP)
1st Finance Disbursing Section
68th AAA Gun BN
20th Sup Grp / 21st Finance
EUSA Signal Long Line BN
4th Missile Command
STRATCOM Long Line Signal BN
19th Army Postal Unit
1st BN 2nd ADA
KCOMZ Long Line Signal Group
19th AG Postal Det
41st Signal BN
7th BN 2nd ADA
66th AG Postal Det
51st Signal BN
7th BN 5th ADA
13th Quartermaster BN
51st Signal Det
1st BN 44th ADA
457th Supply Co
181st Signal Co
2nd BN 44th ADA
532nd QM Co
304th Signal BN
4th BN 44th ADA
540th QM Co
326th Comm Recon Co
6th BN 44th ADA
55th QM Depot
507th Signal Service Co
2nd BN 71st ADA
564th QM Co
502nd MI BN
17th Field Artillery BN
2nd Engineer Group(Const)
508th ASA Gp
987th AFA BN
36th Eng Group
83rd Ord BN
461st Inf BN ( Mortar)
44th Engineer BN
335th Maint BN
8125th Sentry Dog Det
73rd Engineer BN
8195th AU
76th Engineer BN
142nd MP Co
58th Aviation Regt
558th MP Co
763rd Eng Co
728th MP BN
2998th Treadway Bridge Co
Northern Area Command
5th Preventive Medicine Unit
Wightman NCO Academy
121st Evac Hosp
425th Transportation Traffic Regulation Group
3rd Light Aviation Section
377th Medical Co, Air Ambulance
US Army  Broadcast & Visual Activities, Pacific - Korea Detachment/ VUNC Radio
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