The Chinese Tunnel
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Although I have not found an `Official` account as to the origins
of the Chinese Tunnel, I present the following as 'possibilites'
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 This is known as the "Chinese Tunnel" because it was built by the
Chinese during the war.  On one side is a huge cliff that drops down into
the river and on the other side is only mountains.  The Chinese were
trapped and blasted this tunnel through the mountain to escape.
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 The last time that I went through the Chinese Tunnel was in 1958.  If you
look at the map where it is marked with the yellow square for Camp Saint
Barbara by the lower right corner of the square it is marked tunnel. That
is the one that I used when I drove to Kaiser when I was a driver for the
7th Div Engineer.
 When traveling to Camp Kaiser at that time you could take a short cut
through the tunnel ( I vaguely remember fording the river on one these
routes ) or go across a bridge and use the MSR which was a longer route.
 However the Officers ( Korean and US ) that I drove around all knew the
roads in the area like the back of their hand.
 I never saw a map of the area as I was only a driver. I believe that it is
called the Chinese Tunnel because it was dug by hand by the Chinese,
so I was told.
                                                                     Howard Rankin
 The tunnel was a few clicks away from the MPRC (Rod Range). It was
somewhat up the mountain on a dirt road. Just west of it about 100
meters 9more or less) was an old bridge. I saw it collapsed after a 5/4
was trying to cross it.
 There was a stream/river and a fording site down the slope from the
tunnel. The tunnel also had a slight curve as the one pictured.
 That tunnel used to give me an uneasy feeling going thru in the winter,
plus it was only 1 way traffic. Honk your horn, pray and go! Too many
Korean Gravel Trucks aka "Orange Crushes" and Cement Trucks aka
"Terminators" Whomever had the biggest vehicle had the right of way!
                                                                     George Brock
 On the old Tokyo datum maps, the grid coordinates for the "Chinese
Tunnel" is CT 394094.
 I have a copy of an old article from the Stars and Stripes that says the
tunnel was actually built during the period the Japanese ruled Korea.
                                                                     Mike Davino
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