Korean Expressions
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I Don't Know About You, But I Don't Speak Korean. Sure, We All Knew Enough
To Communicate A Little, But How Much Of It Do You Remember Today?
I Thought So! ....... Not Much!
So In An Attempt To Jog Your Memory, I Have Compiled A Few Lists (with the help
of a couple friends) Which Can Be Found Below.  Some You May Have Heard,
Others Are
`new to me`.
I Had Enough Trouble Pronouncing The Words, Let Alone Reading Them. So I Have
Tried To Give You The Phonetic Word Where Possible. At Least, The Way I Would Say It.
Not That I'm Right, But As I
`Best Remember`.
If We Overlooked Any or Have Erred, Feel Free To Send Them To Me. We Will Correct
Any Mistakes Or Add New Ones As We Get Them. I Hope You Find This Helpful.

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