Infantry Unit Photos
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2nd BN 9th Infantry
Headquarters Co
Submitted By;
Sgt. L. David LaForest II
HHC 2/9th Inf
May 1967 - June 1968
CP 2/9th Inf
Tac Operations Center
McGovern Plaque
PX and Snack Bar
Camps McGovern, Parris and Harris Viewed As A Panorama
19th Infantry Regt
I Company
Submitted By;
Sp3 Carl Ostrom
1956 - 1957
Company Entrance
Company View
Weapons Check
DMZ Gate
HQ Company
Submitted By;
Pfc Joseph Leach
Dec 55 to Oct 56
Squad Living Qrts
HQ Co Orderly Room
Lola - Living Qrts
G Company
Submitted By;
1Lt James Mulvaney
1957 - 1958
G Company Close Up
G Company Area View
Company Commander
CO and Me
21st Infantry Regt
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Kojedo Island
Norm Yanggu
Motor Pool
Beer Creek
Yanggu, G & H
Motar Found
Norm With Papa San
Going Home

Operations Center
Butler Buildings
Submitted By;
              Cpl Norman Harp
              H Company
              21st Inf Regt
              12/53 - 03/55