Jo Sans
This page is dedicated to all those who helped us pass away the
many long lonely hours spent thinking about the girls back home

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Operations Center
 A common wish throughout Korea was to 'get back home to see some
round eyed girls.' It's not that there weren't any in Korea to look at, there
were. We had our Donut Dollies, the Special Service girls and even some
 It wasn't a problem of 'lacking' but of 'availability'. For those north of the
Imjin, seeing a 'round eye' was a very special occasion, and rare. For those
to the south, sightings came more frequently.
 With a less stressful duty regiment and passes handed out more often, the
chances of seeing a 'round eye' south of the Imjin were much higher. In
fact, all one had to do was stop by one of the Rec Centers and visit a
service club or library.
 But still, the visions of beautiful long haired round eyes swirled around in
our minds and the wish to get back home remained strong and ever
present in our thoughts.

 But things weren't as bad as they seemed! The military had sent us to (as
I've sometimes heard it called) 'The Army's Best Kept Secret', KOREA! The
Land Of The Morning Calm.