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1)  Starlight Scope:
Does anyone remember the incident about a Starlight        
Scope that was taken across the zone into North Korea
2)  Alfred E. Newman:
Does anybody remember the "Alfred E Newman
Memorial Bridge" that went across the gorge at Camp
3)  Camp Jecelin:
Does anyone remember the location of Camp Jecelin        
and what the Camp Name was changed to?
Camp Jecelin was the I Corps NCO Academy in 1956.
4)  Blue Lancer Valley:
How did `Blue Lancer Valley` get its name?
5)  Stop or I'll shoot:
Can anybody remember that specific Korean phrase
to say on guard duty when they came into contact with
a suspected thief?
6)  DMZ Firing Range:
Does anybody remember the name of any rifle ranges  at
the DMZ being used between 1966 and 1968?
7)  Signal Site Turnover:
PARIS Site, Highpoint call sign (site name at turnover)
operated by 2nd Radio Relay Sq., 5th Comm Gp., HQ @
K-55 (now Osan AB), turned over to Army Sig Unit
May/June 1955.  Site located +/1 8 miles SSE of Chonan,
above Mokchon Village - now operated by 501st Sig Co.
out of Pyongtaek.
8)  Mickey Mouse Corner:
Can anybody tell me why PobwonNi became known as
Mickey Mouse Corner? And when did it start ?
9)  Turtle Farm:
Does any one recall the ' Turtle Farm'?  Where was it?
              Webmaster Note; This is not a reference to the Turkey Farm
10) MIG Overflight:
Does anybody know anything about an alleged MIG
overflight of a HAWK missile battery known as TAC Site #
34 around the time of the Pueblo incident (Jan or Feb
I believe the unit manning the battery was D Brty 2/71
Arty (but I'm not positive).  Allegedly an NK MIG circled
the battery so close that people at the site could actually
see the pilot's face.  Reason for not firing is that they
could not get authorization from higher HQ.  
I was supervising work at the site when a 2.5T truck lost
it's brakes and went backward over the side of the
mountain just outside the gate.
11) Infiltrators:
Does anybody remember the problems that we had with
North Korean Infiltration in Pohang Korea from 1969 to
P'ohang is above Ulsan and below Pukp'yong-dong in the East
Sea of Japan.
In 1970 before Operation Golden Dragon there was some heavy
North Korean Infiltration in the area of Camp Libby and the ROK
Marine base. The infiltrators were killed and the ROK Marines lost
some men, the Army from Camp Libby could not account for one
Camp Libby was fired at by small arms and rockets, the Signal
Bldg at the fuel farm was fired at by a rocket and the ROK Marines
were also firing into the bay.
12) Advance Camp/Kitty Hawk:
Does anybody know when the name Advance Camp was
changed to Camp Kitty Hawk?
13) NCO Acadamy and Linemans School:
Does anybody have class rosters of the I Corp "NCO
Academy and Linemans School" from 1956?
14) Labor Day weekend 1959:
Can anybody remember Labor Day weekend 1959 when
the Gooks got down to Camp Casey?
15) Signal Company:
Does anybody have any information on the 5761st Sig Co
- site location (Hill No., nearest village, etc.), site names,
call signs, particularly May/Jun 1955 - Suspect this is the
Sig Unit I turned my two sites over to.
(see #7)
16) Atomic Cannons:
Does anyone remember the two Atomic Cannons called
Mama-san & Papa-san that were on a railroad siding
under camo? They were just North of Uijonbu
17) China Nights:
I'm looking for a movie (China Nights ?) with the song
"Shin No Yoru" in it. Does anybody remember the name
of the movie?
18) Happy Valley:
Where was Happy Valley located and what unit was there?
In what village was the JO-MAMA-SAN Club located?
20) KANT:
This word has shown up on various maps of the Western
Corridor. After cross checking the coordinates associated
with it, we discovered that every location was a water
point. Does anybody know what 'KANT' stands for?
21) Chaplains:
Does anybody remember the names or have photos of
any Chaplain who may have served at any of the following
locations from Dec 64 thru July 65?
 - Camp Summerall   - Camp Hunt   - Camp Pelham
 - Camp Rose   - Camp McNair
22) Animal:
Does anybody remember 'Animal'? She worked at the
Niagara Club in YongJuGol during my tour 77-78, I'm sure
if anyone knows her they know why she was called
animal. I heard the story and I had to find out for myself,
that was one good time I'll never forget and its been
almost 30 years ago,
23) 7th Division Artillery:
Does anyone know what camp was across the main road
Camp Coursen and Camp Johnson? It was on the
same side as
Easy Queen. It was a 7th Div Arty outfit. Do
you also know what other camps were near there?
24) Yanggu Valley:
Does anybody know anything about the Yanggu Valley?
After arriving at Chunchon replacement camp f
rom Pusan
by train in August 1953
, I was shipped to the 45th Division
located on a hill above the Yanggu Valley. As I was there
only about 3 months I can`t remember to much about it . I
know a Philappine unit was also there. I was in
the 45th
Division, 180 Regt Co G.

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