James M. Wightman NCO Academy
8th United States Army
Present Location - Camp Jackson
   The Academy is named in honor to MSG James M. Wightman, of the 17th Infantry
Regiment, 7th Infantry Division.  MSG Wightman distinguished himself by extraordinary
heroism in action against an armed hostile force in the vicinity of Tri-Goot, Korea on 9
March 1951.  As the platoon sergeant of the assaulting platoon, MSG Wightman led his
men to assault against a numerically superior force entrenched on Hill 1232 near Tri-Goot.  
Nearing the objective, the platoon encountered intense automatic and small arms fire and
was pinned down.  He motivated his men to increase their rate of fire and led them in an
assault on the hill.  He located a machine gun, which was placing withering fire upon his
platoon.  He single-handedly assaulted the machine gun emplacement and was killed
when he was hit by a burst of enemy fire.  His heroic act enabled his platoon to close with
and seize the enemy position.  As a result of this action, MSG Wightman was
posthumously awarded the Distinguished Service Cross.
   The Academy was originally established in May 1960 as the 7th Infantry Division
Noncommissioned Officer's Academy at Camp Casey.  The program of Instruction was the
Primary Noncommissioned Officer's Course/Combat Arms (PNCOC/CA).
   In March 1971, the Academy relocated to Story Barracks, between Camps Casey and
Hovey.  Its’ doors were opened to provide training to units in Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, and
Okinawa.  Since that time, only Japan and Okinawa continue to send their junior leaders
for training.
   In November 1975, the Academy was relocated to its present location at Camp Jackson.  
Camp Jackson is named for PFC George W. Jackson Jr., of the1st Field Artillery
Observation Battalion, 25th Antiaircraft Artillery.  PFC Jackson was awarded the Silver Star
for bravery in November 1951, during the Korean War.
   In January 1976, a Command Sergeant Major was named as Commandant of the
Academy.  This placed more direct responsibility on the senior NCOs for the military
education and training of the NCO Corps of today’s Army.
   In February 1978, the Primary Leadership Development Course of Instruction was
implemented.  This placed the first line supervisor, or a soldier about to become a
supervisor upon graduation into the enlisted personnel management system. This course
combined the Primary Leadership Course for Combat Service Support skilled soldiers
with the Primary Noncommissioned Officers Course for Combat Arms skilled soldiers into
one course.  The primary purpose was to develop leadership, supervisory and
management skills, and upgrade combat survivability training, in addition to developing
those attributes that would ensure confidence and develop a sense of responsibility
required of all Noncommissioned Officers.
   In the early 1990s, the Academy was renamed the 2d Infantry Division
Noncommissioned Officers Academy.  It was re-designated the Eighth United States Army
(EUSA) Wightman Noncommissioned Officers Academy on 1 April 1994.

The Academy's motto continues to be:  Enter to Learn - Leave to Lead.
  I graduated from the James M. Wightman NCO Academy when it was
located at Camp Casey in 1967
    Below you will find a copy of my certificate of graduation (modified to
remove my service number).
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Sgt Michael Milo Jr
B Btry 1st BN 79th Arty
7th Infantry Division
Jan 67 - Mar 68
Operations Center