Slicky Boy Stories
No Tour of Duty In Korea Would Be Complete Without Hearing A Story or
Two About Slicky Boys.  And Given Their Reputation,
" A Slicky Boy Can
Steal A Radio From Your Room and Leave The Music Behind "
, Its Little
Wonder That Stories Abound About Their Many Feats.   Below, For Your
Reading Pleasure, or Amusement, Are My Contributions.

If You Have A Slicky Boy Story, Feel Free To Send It To Me, I'll Add It To
This Page, So Others Can Enjoy It Too.
001)   Mickey Mouse Corner ;
002)  The Tent ;
003)  Circle Your Wagons ;
004)  The Battery ;
005)  The Piano ;
Submitted by ;1Lt Ken Leighty
                   A Co 2/72 Armor
                   1967 - 1968
Ok Now, Its Your Turn. Send Me Your Slicky Boy Story So That We
May Continue To Build Upon Their Reputation As............

`The Greatest Theives In The World` !!!
                  The talk of the town in 61/62 was about the Slicky Boys that
Took The Piano From The Officers Club in `C` Troop 1/9th Cav and
Hauled It Across The Imjin On An "A" Frame!
                                 THEY WERE GOOD !!
Submitted by ; Sp4 Richard Taival
                      `B` Troop, 1/9th Cav
007)   The Piano ;
The story of the Slicky Boys and the Piano, I was told, happened in the
winter of 1958-9.  I did not see it, but the way it was related was that slicky
boys got a piano and a safe from the 1st of the 9th officers' club,
manhandled it down the bluff and onto the Imjin River, which was iced over.
A guard spotted the group on the ice a good distance out, and shot at
them. The slicky boys took off. There were supposed to be 3-4 of them.  
Story is it took about a platoon of GIs to get the piano and safe back
across the river.
008)  The Spare Tire ;
009)  CanCan ;
010)  Sheets ;
                                    Sp 4 Rich Hernandez
                                    HQ Co, 2/72nd Armor
                                     Korea, 1967/68
011)  Machines ;
012)  The Radio ;
013)  The Duffle Bag;
014)  The Target;
Submitted By ; Sgt Horace Carder
                     `A` Troop, 4/7 Cav
015)  The Axels;
Submitted By ; George Sackett
                     1/12 Artillery
                     1969 - 1970

                                       A  Supply Truck Had Traveled Through The Village
Of  PobWon-Ni.  As The Truck Was About To Leave Town, The Driver
Looked In His Mirror and Much To His Surprise, Saw Mickey Mouse Boots
Flying Out The Rear of His Vehicle.
Villagers Scrambled About Gathering Up The Boots and Disappeared Into
The Village.
A Check of The Cargo Area Revealed That Every Pair of Mickey
Mouse Boots Had Been Stolen !
               Tired From A Hard Day In The Field With Their Unit, 3 E6's Pitched
Their GP Small Tent And Settled In For A Goods Nights Sleep. Upon Awaking
The Following Morning,
They Were Surprised To See That Their Tent Had
Been Stolen !!!
 ................  Top That, David Copperfield !
                                   In An Attempt To Stop The Theft of Vehicle Parts, One
Unit Commander Ordered His Units Vehicles To Be Parked In A Circle,
Surrounding His Encampment. Eight ( 8 ) Guards Were Posted That Night, 4
Walking The Outside And 4 Walking The Inside Perimeter.
The Following Morning It Was Discovered That 6 Driveshafts and 4 Spare
Tires Had Been Stolen !!
                     Some Slicky Boys Were Observed Running Alongside A
Column of 5 Ton Trucks, That Were Passing Through Their Village,
And Stealing The Batteries Out of Them !!!
                  At One of The Officers Clubs, Location Unknown, It Was
Discovered One Morning That The Club Piano Was Missing. A Check At
The Guard Shack At The Main Gate Revealed That No Vehicles Had Enter
or Left The Compound That Night.
However, Some Enlisted Men Did Remember Hearing Muffled Sounds
Coming From An Area of The Perimeter Fence. A Further Check Revealed
That The Barbed Wire Had Been Cut And Removed From The Top of The
Thus Fueling Speculation That The Piano Had Been Lifted OVER
THE FENCE And Removed From The Area......!!!!!
 Imagine That !!
006)   The Piano ;
                  I was in Korea 1958-9, with the 1st Cav. I spent most of my
tour with the 1st Recon Sqdn, 9th Cav, just north of Freedom Bridge, TDY
from 15th Medical Bn (located at Pob Won Ni).
Submitted by ; Curtis A. Pendergraft
                      15th Medical Bn
                      1st Cav Div
                           Some Time In Early 1968 I Was Going Up To Our Q-4
Radar For A Night Radar Registration Mission.  I Was In A Jeep With The
Top Up Next To My Driver.  Just North of Munsan A Bus/truck Passed Us
And Slowed Down, Causing Us To Almost Stop Before It Shot Off Again
Down The Dark Rutted Road.  A Few Minutes Later I Looked Back And
Saw A Head In The Window of The Jeep Top.  I Screamed At My Driver
To Stop And He Did.  As Soon As The Jeep Came To A Halt I Jumped Out
To Find The Spare Tire Lock Cut And All Lug Nuts Gone But One.  It Was
Almost Gone, Too. A Minute Later And Where Would That Spare And
Slicky Boy Have Rolled To?
Submitted by ; 1Lt Gene P. Moser     
                          HHB 5/38 Arty              
                          Korea, 1967/68
             On one occasion I had to drive my M113 ambulance to Bravo
Company, 2/72 Armor, to support them for some operation. I had a
KATUSA as my TC and was following a jeep that was my ground guide.
We approached a village with a small bridge that spanned a creek and
since the APC was too heavy for the bridge, had to find a place to ford the
stream. I went past the fording spot, stopped, backed up and then did a
hard right turn to re-orient the APC to the ford. When I did that, one of the
track sprockets bent and the track broke. As I was sitting there trying to
figure out what to do next, I heard a scraping sound coming from the back
of the APC. I jumped out of the driver's hatch and looked to my rear and
saw two slicky boys running away with my gas can! They had cut the
straps on the can and hauled ass, with each one holding one side of the
can handle.
            One of my collateral duties was to occasionally pull laundry duty.
Part of laundry duty was to sit in the back of the deuce and a half with an
ax handle as the laundry was transported to 2nd S&T (I think). My job was
to discourage any slickyboys from reaching into the truck and taking any
laundry. On one occasion I actually had to slam a slickyboy when he
jumped on the side of the truck and began to cut through the canvas with a
knife. He got the knife blade through the canvas then...                                
                While working the club system at Cp Beard, there was a strike
at the Bank of America where we did all the cash transactions.                 
After about a month we had quite a bit of cash on hand. After notice was
given to security, I felt it was safe. To my surprise one morning the office
manager informed me, all of the office machines had been taken out the
back window after the mesh had been cut off. I called security, The
security cheif was blasting me real good.  I'd had enough !! I quietly
informed him the office machines were nothing, compared to what could
have been. To attract his attention I opened one of the foot lockers the
machines were sitting on. There was no sound, the box was completly full
of 20 dollar bills. To stop all discussion there were 4 more boxes of cash..   
SUBMITTED BY ;   PSG  Hershel Dick
                           2nd Bde, 2nd Div
                           Retired 1970
                   I remember one time we were in the field on an FTX,  and our
mess  hall was bivouaced in a semi permanent position to serve us chow,
wither when we were in the AO, or by MerMites.
 Anyway, it was the late '70s and big boom boxes were very popular.  One
of the cooks had brought a boom box that was only slightly smaller than a
fully loaded duffel bag.  He plugged it into their generator and had an
ample supply of his favorite tunes which could be heard across the
deserted Korean countryside.
 One night he went to sleep with his box tuned to the AFKN radio station,
and when he awoke the next morning his box was gone, but there was a
small battery powered transistor radio about the size of a pack of
cigarettes (worth about $2) tuned to AFKN radio where his had been.          
Apparently slicky considered it a fair trade
                         There was also a 2d Lt who had his duffel stolen the same
night and he had a .44 mag S&W revolver inside with his gear.  They
found the revolver some distance from his track, but he had only one
uniform and one pair of underwear for the rest of the exercise.
                   We were on tank gunnery and I was assigned as a loader
because the tankers were short a few warm bodies.  It was nighttime and
we were organized with tanks to the right and left of the one firing to
provide alternate illumination. The target was a large canvas bulls eye
stretched over a two by four frame that was atop a berm a few hundred
meters out.   
Got the picture?
So there we were, firing away, when the gunner has a problem acquiring
the target. Turns out the target is moving!!
Some slicky boys had crept out
to the berm, and were in the process of stealing the target while we were
shooting at the damn thing.
The Lt in charge calls a cease fire and we tried to go get the governments
property back. Personally I think they should have let it be, as I've alwasy
preferred the challenge of a moving target.........
                In 69-70 I was assigned to 1/12th Arty. We were located at Cp
Snow in Pobwonni just south of Mickey Mouse Corner.            
Once we were on maneuvers only about 30 min from base and stayed
overnight. I broke the rules and had my trucks pulled in close to each other
not more than 18 inches apart.
Other sections in the battalion did not. Consequently even though guards
were posted and roving around, some of the other sections had all the
axels removed from their trucks and had to be towed back to based by
mine and a few other trucks that escaped losing their axels.