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"Brief History of the Turkish Contribution in the Korean War"
Following the invasion of South Korea by North Korean forces on June 25, 1950,
and in response to the UN appeal and US request, the Turkish government
offered to contribute a Brigade.  This made Turkey the third-ranking nation in
the number of troops, after the United States and Great Britain.
The advance party of the 1st Turkish Brigade or Turkish Armed Forces
command, arrived in Pusan on 12 October 1950. The main body numbering 5190
troops arrived five days later, on 17 October. Brigadier General Tahsin Yazici
commanded the brigade.
When the CCF launched their offensive from across the Yalu River, IX Corps
sent the Brigade up the Kunu-ri road to guard the 2nd Div's flank in November
1950.  The 5,000-strong Brigade marched east, when, near the village of Wawon,
the main force of Chinese burst over them.  The following days saw some of the
bloodiest fighting of the war.  In spite of inflicting heavy casualties on the
enemy, the Brigade's own losses reached 20% and it had to fall back and
regroup, before being assigned to other missions during the withdrawal of the
8th Army from North Korea.
The 2nd Turkish Brigade arrived in Korea in September 1951, and participated in
combat operations until January 1952, when they were pulled back into Division
reserve.  By this time the battle lines had become more or less static, except for
small-unit skirmishes.
The 3rd Turkish Brigade arrived in Korea in August 1952, and participated in
combat operations from December 1952 to February 1953, and again in May
1953.  In the meantime, truce talks were continuing in Panmunjom and a
cease-fire seemed in the offing.  To break the stalemate and to capture as much
ground as possible before the cessation of hostilities, the Chinese launched
massive attacks, and suddenly the frontlines erupted in fierce battles once
again, such as the fight for Pork Chop Hill.  Also under attack nearby were five
outposts (Vegas, Carson and Elko among them) defended by the 3rd Turk Brig,
who fought the Chinese in hand-to-hand combat, while the enemy kept charging
right through their own artillery barrage...  For the two-day battle the enemy paid
dearly: 2,200 killed, while the Turks lost 104 men.
The 4th Turkish Brigade arrived in Korea in June 1953, during the final Chinese
offensive.  Elements of the Arty Bn and AAA were immediately rushed to the
front under the operational control of the US 1st Marine Div.
Finally, the Armistice was signed and went into effect on July 27, 1953. In
September 1953,
the US 25th Div with the 4th Turk Brig were deployed along the
DMZ in the Chorwon sector north of Seoul.  Their mission was to secure, patrol
and interdict enemy infiltration across the DMZ.
Turkey continued to send replacement Brigades on an annual rotation basis until
1960 when the 10th Brigade was rotated home. Company size units were
deployed thereafter for the period
(1960-1966), and an Honor Guard was
maintained from
(1966-1971), when Turkish participation came to an end.
Submitted By; 1Lt Kameron Ince
                   4th Turkish Brigade
                   25th Infantry Division
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