My Village Experience
 The Purpose of this page is quite simple. Its a place for all of us to tell
our tales of the village. Come on now, we all spent time in a village
somewhere. And I'm sure we all had an experience that we can tell
about. Whether at a club, walking down the street, at a Tea House or in
the back streets, somewhere, something happened that would qualify as
a `Village Experience`.
If you don't wish to leave you name, you'll be listed as anonymous
So send me your tales and I'll put them here to share with all
Don't be bashful, we were just a bunch of crazy kids back then
01) Other Plans;
     Being young and impressionable back then, I have a steady stream of indelible
memories of Korea, the zone and the village.
     Whenever I got a pass, I hopped the bus, crossed Freedom Bridge and headed
down the road for the village of Yongji-gol.  I frequented the 7-Up Club and pretty
much steadied a nice looking young lady called Bonnie.  I think her Korean name
was Kim Mi Hyun.  She was a real bombshell at 36-23-36.
     I called upon Miss Bonnie one evening in what must have been the coldest night
of the winter of 62-63. Must have been that time of month because Miss Bonnie had
other plans.  We visited a photographer to have some pictures taken and then
attended a movie in Yongji-gol.
     The movie theater was an old, unheated block building which seated about 100
patrons, all of whom were Korean, incidently, and gathered to watch this Korean
production. There I was.  Ten thousand miles from home, sitting in this smelly
theater watching a movie I couldn't understand a word of and freezing my bunsoff.
     I remember the Koreans applauding and cheering wildly when the hero kissed
the heroine and told her he loved her.  I understood that.
     Forty years later and I still remember the name of the movie, "I Mongoli."  
About the Koreans fighting a Mongolian invasion.
     Miss Bonnie also taught me a Korean song which was popular back in the sixties
call "O Chongji." I always impress Korean people when I sing this song.  I lived in
Biloxi, MS. until recently and frequented a Korean restuarant where my singing was
the sensation.  Keesler Air Base is in Biloxi and there is a sizable Korean population
     I disposed of all my pictures of Miss Bonnie to appease and ex-wife.  Biggest
mistake I ever made.  I hope there is somebody out there reading this who still has
an photo of the old 7-Up Club and a photo of Miss Bonnie.
Sgt Henry R. Buyny
                                                                             C Trp, 1st /9th Cav
02) Three GI's;
   One evening my two buddies rushed to the teahouse with overnight passes to see
which one would purchase YumiChe's favors before the other.  YumiChe was light
complected with gorgeous long black hair, lovely almond-shaped hazel eyes, and a
pretty pair of desirable lips.  I must add that we had an unwritten code of not
screwing each other's "girl".  I still feel a tingle when I think of YumiChe.
   Anyway, we walked in the teahouse and found that she was available.  Both of my
buddies asked her for dances until Baldo won her favor to the disappointment of
Maldo.  I went my way.
   In the a.m. we met at the PX to enjoy mud and dough as previously arranged to
recover from the night's adventures in debauchery.  I saw Baldo with a wide grin as
he had gotten the best of Maldo, and Maldo in turn kept smiling and slurping
noisily and savoring his dough, both somewhat eyeing each other.
   Finally Baldo couldn't contain himself any longer and asked Maldo whose favors
he had enjoyed. "YUMICHE," declared Maldo triumphantly.  I had never seen
Baldo's eyes widen such that he was unable to contain his surprise.  Hey, he claimed,
"I slept with YumiChe" (emphasis on the "I".)
   They both eyed each other as if a long time brotherhood was about to end.  I
looked at both not knowing what to expect, and I actually felt like walking out while
the going was good.  Then they both burst into laughter.
   One mentioned he had kissed her, and the other said he hadn't.  They agreed that
"These damned women are motherless."  Then they got pissed at YumiChe, cursed
her, and decided to confront her.  I couldn't contain myself and began harassing
them all the way to the vill now that the scare was over.
   Baldo and Maldo called for her within the tiny hooch yard.  She poked her head
from one of mamasan's hooches (with the loveliest disarrayed hair) and responded,
"You came back to sleep?   Sleep with each other, I busy." We just then realized
that SHE WAS PERFORMING TRIPLE DUTY!!! I cracked up laughing and have
harassed Maldo to this day!  We have yet been unable to find Baldo.  Anyway, I
returned to MY hooch and enjoyed further contented warm sleep.
Anonymous GI
03) A Taste of Honey;
   I was just a PFC full of piss and vinegar and throught that I could do no harm or
be harmed. One night I was under the influence of one or two beers[not]and I was
talked into something that we all never throught about much at that time. But due
to some excellent friends [male and female] I got talked into doing some sexual
   We all at one time or another always talked a better game than we were able to
do. But this one night I was feeling more balls than common sense and thought I'd
try a little of the local female plate, if you know  what I mean.
   Well, to make it a short story, I talked a young girl into allowing me to take a
taste of her wears. At the time I was not feeling any pain [nor none later,thank God]
and I was able to fine just the right touch or lick and broke my other cherry. She
sure liked it and then did her own thing to me. From that point on I did know that if
you got pass the smell you did get to lick [there was no smell and  I told others that
it tasted like apple pie.]                                            
04) Whore Monger;
   I was up at Camp Kaiser on the Div shooting team and we got to take our passes
with us. The NCOIC let us be our own guide on being back on time and everything.
Well to make a story short, I just got too involved and it was raining and there were
some other guys with me and I just wanted one more piece.
   I made the choice to stay and go in the next morning. I  met the NCOIC at the
door on the way in [did a real story on the MPs at the gate,I had a regular pass but
stayed in the vill over night].
   The NCOIC didn't know it but I'd spent the night with His Girl Friend and she
was niceee to me because he wasn't coming down like he had promised her. I just
took up the slack for him
[which remains not to his knowledge till today] [I'm sure not going to tell him
anyway,oh ho maybe I just did].
   The sad part was that she called me a Whore Monger, just because I took her 3
times that night [maybe she was right?????]
05) First Timer;
   I remember the first time I went down to the "ville" in YongJuGol..... It was
January, 1977, and cold as blue hell. I was a PV2 fresh from basic at Ft. Knox, and
another private, Pfc Brimmage was assigned to take me downtown and show me the
   The first place we went was the New Seoul, and after my first OB, I went to take a
leak. as I was going in, two of the ladies were coming out. OK, I thought, I'm a man
of the world, I can handle a unisex bathroom. I went in, and was glad I didn't have
to do #2, because the latrine was just a hole with two boards over it. Anyway, I took
care of business at the urinal on the wall, and was surprised to see my hot piss
making its way across the floor in a little trench that was there,and out a hole in the
wall. Just as my piss hit the exit, a rat stuck its head in the hole and looked at me
like "Hey! I live here!" I told Brimmage about it when I got back to the bar and we
both had a good laugh.       
   HE then took me to another club, the Niagara, but suggested we go around the
back as the girls would be waiting at the front for any "turtles" or newbies that were
new in country. We wound our way back through the maze of alleys, and just as we
got to the back door, Brimmage stopped to tie his shoe, telling me he'd be in right
behind me. I opened the door and hesitated a second, waiting for my eyes to adjust
to the dim light. I could tell there were a lot of people there, and it looked like two
or three steps down into the club, Just as I was about to take the first step,
Brimmage shoved me forward, simultaneously yelling "TURTLE!!" at the top of his
lungs. I was preparing to kiss the concrete, but never made it that far..... I was
caught by dozens of beautiful oriental girls in skimpy outfits, in what must have
been a precursor to body surfing in a rock concert. It seemed they were all pulling
me in different directions, and yelling "I love you! You come my hoochie" I looked
over and there was Brimmage at the bar with a shit eating grin on his face, holding
out a second OB. Ahhhh, memories......
SGT Horace Carder
06) HEY GI !;
   We had just come back from some kind of exercise of about a week in the field
(sound familiar guys?) I forget what, done the required maintenance, and I told my
track crew that as I was a good NCO I would meet them down at the Oasis and buy
them a round for a job well done.
   I also wanted to get in a few games of pool, as they had just recovered the tables
there.  No whoring around, just good clean fun, right?  But fate had other plans.......
   It was a summer Saturday afternoon, nice weather and as I was walking down the
street minding my own business. I walked by one of the girls who was outside a club.
The girls were usually aggressive only at night and  in the clubs.  Outside in the
daylight where the general populace could see them (and gossip) they generally put
on their best manners. But as I walked by this one she said in a rather loud voice
"Hey GI, you wanna come my hooch?" I decided to have some fun and embarass
her so I turned back and said in my loudest NCO voide "WHY?!! DO YOU LIKE
TO SUCK DICK?" She threw her hands on her hips and and said just as loud
"YEAH!  DO YOU LIKE TO EAT PUSSY?!" Everybody in the nearby shops stuck
their heads out and craned their necks to see what was going on.   I burst out
laughing, she laughed, and I never did get to play any pool that day.....  Later she
got herself a yobo, some poor fool who was stationed on the DMZ and only got to
come down once a month or so.  I found this out when we went in her hooch once
and she had a comic book on her tv.  I asked her if she was using it to study English,
and she said it was her yobo's. OOPS! Said she didn't really love him, was just using
him as a ticket Stateside. She suggested that we exchange addresses and when we got
back to the land of round eyes, look each other up, leave our respective spouses and
hook up together.  I considered it for a few seconds, then decided that if she had
that in store for that poor SOB, what did she have planned for me?  I regretfully
declined her invitation.  Still we had fun from time to time......
SGT Horace Carder
                                                                                                  A Trp  4/7th Cav
07) Smile;
   We had a dental clinic attached to the Camp Beard unit dispensary. One day the
Dental Tech, SP4 Chuck Forshee asked me if I wanted to have a little fun on our walk
through the Vil (Yon-ju-gol). He handed me a bunch of tablets from the dental kits.
These were the tablet you chew that stain the dirty parts of your teeth red. They're
meant to show you where you need to brush better.
   Well, his plan was to give the tablets to the girls in the Turkey Farm and tell them it
was candy. As we walked through the vil we offered "candy" to all the business girls
we met.
   They would eat the "candy" then they would smile at us with red teeth. They
couldn't figure out why we were busting up laughing. By the time we got to the end of
the Vil, there were a bunch of business girls who had lost their sense of humor.
   It was winter, and as we started to walk back toward the compound, angy girls were
out in the street throwing snowballs and other debris at us. We had to hitch a ride in a
passing 3/4 ton truck in order to get back to Camp Beard in one piece.
   Needless to say, we were not welcome in some parts of the Vil for quite a while. You
know, when your young you do some pretty stupid things.  It's amazing we survive to
talk about them.
                                                                                                   SP5 Richard Hernandez
                                                                                                   2/72 Armor '67-'68
  As an NCO in Korea, I got to pull some details that you don't get anywhere else,
checking the ondol heaters, for example, or riding herd over the weekly crop of GIs
who caught the clap in the ville and had to ID the girl They got it from (or gave it to).
  I got this duty one week, although it seemed kind of redundant, since the NCO in
charge of the infirmary was E6 and I was only an E5.  Anyway, it was my
responsibility that day to march this particular band of "combat casualties" around
to each of the major clubs along with the medic, so that the girl in question could get
fired up and neutralize any future threat to our R&R.
  There was one colored E5 in the group from Chicago who was clearing post to PCS
back stateside, and he didn't like the idea of being on 14 days medical quarrantine.  
So, when we walked into the New Seoul club and mamasan lined all her girls up, this
guy runs right up to the girl in question, points his finger in her face and shouts -
"BITCH!  YOU GAVE ME THE MOTHER F_in CLAP!" - I thought we were going to
see a fistfight and a SOFA charge, but the girl took one drag off of her cigarette,
throws one hand on her hip, leans back on one leg and says, calm as hell, "I didn' give
you nothin.... you pay me twenty dollar for it, just like everyone else!"  I thought I
would die laughing.                                    
SGT Horace Carder
                                                                                                  A Trp  4/7th Cav
09) Screwed In PaJu-Ri;
   Driving through the village of Pa-Ju-Ri one afternoon, there was a dog fight in the
one lane street. Thinking I could pass without incident, I slowed to a crawl. As I
arrived at the fight, Mamasan  jumped into the street hitting the dogs with a broom.  
One darted under my front wheel where he remained  when I came to  a stop.  It
wasn't as big as a skinny cat!
   Boy was she hot, I kept telling her to take it easy, and hoping someone who could
translate for me, or the police, would show up soon. An English speaking Korean and
the police arrived about the same time. After much shouting by all the local koreans I
was informed the dog was worth about $6.00  american  or 1500 Won. Well, to stop an
incident of great maginitude I paid.
   I had the korean policeman move my vehicle forward enough so I could pick up my
dead dog. Wow.! Now that got another rise out of Mamasan. After informing her  I
had paid for the dog and it was mine, the policeman agreed. I did offer to sell it to her
for 1000 Won. We settled for 800. Everyone but me was very happy . I'm out $3.00
and the old lady had supper already tenderisied.. What good is a dead dog?
PSG Hershel Dick
                                                                                                    2nd Bde 2nd Inf Div
10) An evening out;
   One evening, a friend of mine, and myself, were at the EM Club, tossin' down some
choice beverages, before heading out to see what was happening in the village of Pob
Wa Ni. We were to meet another friend of ours, at his "yobo's" hooch, and continue
on from there. As soon as we got there, his "yobo" immediately got up and reached
for a carton of Marlboros, and tossed a pack to each of us. I was " new in town", so
for all I knew, this was a Korean custom. I didn't know YET, that the Koreans had an
"art", where they remove the tobacco from the Marlboros, and replace it with some of
the damnedest pot I have ever been around! Figuring it would be non-customental to
NOT strike up a Marlboro, I went ahead and fired one up. It didn't take long for me
to realize what was in the smokes. It didn't take long either, to find out how much
"kick" this Korean pot had! Jeeeeze!
   After about ten minutes, which seemed like two hours, we decided to TRY to leave.
I remember trying to put my boots on, outside the hooch, and I think that took about
two more hours. We finally made our way out to the street, and proceeded to crawl
the "Strip", as it were. This guy's hooch was just outside the guard gate at 2nd Med,
so we had the entire "Strip" to negotiate. As it turned out, we were walking about 100
feet behind 4 ROK Marines, and they apparently had had a little too much Maklee.
We figured it was the most amusing thing happening at the time, so we just stayed
behind them to see which one of them fell down first. These guys were BIG too. I've
never seen an Oriental as huge as these guys were. Each one was over six feet tall, and
they each weighed in, at about 230! They stumbled into the first club they saw, and we
decided to follow them in.
   When we hit the door of this place, we had to jump back, so we wouldn't get killed
by flying tables, chairs, PEOPLE, and whatever else was in the place! They threw
everything in the place out the door, and into the street. We thought this was pretty
cool, given our current state, or lack thereof, of mind. They crawled across the street,
and into the next club on the way and out came all the furnishings from that place.
And the people! By this time, we were rolling in the street. I had NEVER seen
anything to compare this to.
   There must have been 10 or 12 clubs on the "Strip", between 2nd Medical Battalion
and "Mickey Mouse Corner"(so-called after a deuce& a half turned over, and
dumped rubber snow boots all over the intersection). Well these 4 large ROK Marines
emptied out every club on the "Strip", until they reached "Mickey Mouse Corner",
where abouttten U.S. Army MPs were waiting for them. These ten MPs should have
found something else to do, other than try to tussle with these guys. It took about
three minutes, and the 4 ROKs had tipped over 5 MP Jeeps, and beat the hell out of
ten MPs!
   We hadn't even looked back, because all this stuff going on in front of us was too
much to miss!
   So after they tore up everything around "Mickey Mouse Corner", they proceeded
to head on towards Yong Ju Gol, and empty out the remaining clubs in that direction.
That's when they met up with TWO KNPs (Korean National Police).
   I had NO idea a human being could move so fast, but in the bat of an eye, these 4
HUGE ROK Marines were on the ground, and in hand cuffs, with their Asses
profoundly kicked! The KNPs didn't even muss their neckties!
   We figured the show was over, and turned around to head back to the compound.
We couldn't believe what we saw! The street was full of people and furniture, and the
business girls were out in the street, trying to figure out who belonged to what.
   That, my friends, is the funniest thing I have ever witnessed! I guess you could say
two things about that night:
                        1)  You had to be there, and
                        2)   Only at 2nd Med
          ** It was a while before I smoked another one of those Marlboros too!
David Menges
                                                                                                  2nd Medical Battalion

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