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Upon Arrival;
"I remember getting a real nasty shot . My
ass hurt for a week and bled for 3 days!"
Submitted by; Unknown
Sorry, Lost some mail.

I believe that was a GG shot, Gamma
Gobulin. (Or something like that
The tune you are listening to is 'Arirang', a Korean Folk song of unknown origin and author.
The Original Tale
The Modern Words
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The Above Photo Was Submitted By Artist Ken Hardy

"I remember doing that painting from a composite of three slides. They were
taken near Camp Howze; I did a lot of venturing out on my own to photograph
tombs, landscape, etc. The woman in the background was washing clothes in
the creek, with ice forming on the surface of the water. What a life! "
Sp4 Ken Hardy
2nd Div Finance
Camp Howze
How many of us had the honor of seeing one of his shows in person?
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